This exploration of brand creation details the beginning research to the final collateral creation. Market trends, psychology, and conceptual thinking all come together to create this one-of-a-kind brand. In the book you will find sketches, color exploration, and final execution of all the pieces that tie together this brand. 
PRINT ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN: This print advertising campaign spotlights Vice Pops’ most popular flavors: Mango Mojito, Blueberry Cabernet Cheesecake, and Tequila Sunrise. With a photorealistic comp of the drink flavor in the iconic popsicle shape, the audience immediately understands what Vice Pops is all about. The taglines combine the sinfully decadent ingredients with Vice Pops signature twist.
SOCIAL MEDIA ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN: This social media campaign centers on a partnership with the Toyota Music Pavillion. Vice Pops would set up a limited-run pop-up shop in their venue and cater to patrons with their concert-perfect treats. This focuses on the convenience of the brand’s ice pops. Instead of dealing with the messy cups that are prone to spills, concert goers can dance the night away without worry thanks to Vice Pops easy, portable nature. You still get the same kick, but now without as much mess.
STATIONERY SUITE: The stationery suite is a continuation of the Vice Pops brand featuring business cards, letterhead, and an envelope. All elements contain the brand’s signature color and grunge texturing found throughout the entire identity. All three pieces incorporate the brand’s ice pop icon in various ways.
MENU: The menu is split into two categories: Vices and Virtues. Vices are Vice Pops’ signature cocktail ice pops with a sinful alcoholic twist, while the Virtues feature thee brand’s virgin flavors. The categories are color-coded with the Vices featuring a darker shade of the primary colors, lending to their indulgent nature, while the Virtues are brighter playing off the fact that they are non-alcoholic.
Flavors rotate seasonally so the ice pops continually contain only the freshest ingredients. The Add-Ons sections features the customizable elements available to customers: Dip, Drizzle, Dredge, and Dust. Each category has a multitude of extra toppings customers can add on to their ice pop.
PACKAGING: Each flavor available at Vice Pops comes with its own special packaging. Each piece of packaging features a close-up view of either the drink or ingredients in each ice pop, adding a fun texture element. The type is the header font used throughout the brand with the offset outline signature to the identity. Again, the brand’s grunge texture is overlayed for another added layer of fun and intrigue.
MOBILE CART: When doing special events or pop-up shops, Vice Pops’ uses their customized food cart where their popologists (bartenders) make and sell the sinful treats. Decked out in the brand’s signature red and grunge texture, photorealistic ice pops used in their print advertising also adorn the cart’s exterior to let customers know what Vice Pops is all about. Staff wear customized aprons with fun saying while mixing drinks, freezing pops, and having a blast.
APRONS: The single uniform piece for Vice Pops employees is a screen printed apron in either of the brand’s signature colors. On the pocket is the Vice Pops ice pop icon, and a rotating selection of the brand’s iconic sayings are printed across the chest. These two feature “Rock Out with Your Pop Out” and “Unadulterated Ingredients. Adulterated Fun.”
T-SHIRTS: Along with ice pops, customers can purchase t-shirts featuring their favorite Vice Pop sayings and flavors. Available in the brand’s signature colors, the front of the shirt is printed with a mock pocket with the ice pop icon. The back features a reverse of the brand’s logo as well as a saying with Vice Pops’ offset type. These shirts feature the sayings “Rock Out with Your Pop Out”, “Unadulterated Ingredients, Adulterated Fun”, and the Blueberry Cabernet Cheesecake’s slogan “The Best Way to Chill Your Wine”.
MOBILE APP: The Vice Pops mobile app features an age verifcation feature before customers can access the full app. This assures that there will be no selling of alcholic products to people under the legal drinking age. On the home screen, customers can access blog posts, the flavor of the month, best sellers, most popular categories, or search by ingredients. 
Each flavor can be viewed individually and added to the cart. Once done shopping, customers are guided through payment screens and finalize their orders. If they have created an account, they can view and track past orders as well as save information for future use.

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